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John Sterling is a national treasure

Announcers make up a huge part of the baseball viewing experience. One of the biggest reasons people complain about the likes of ESPN or FOX broadcasts is because those announcers don’t know the team nearly as well as the hometown guys do. You’d better enjoy the hometown crew since you get them about 150 games a year. We’re very spoiled as Yankee fans. Not only do we have a great TV team on YES, but we have John Sterling on the radio.

While nothing compares to being at the game, and watching on TV is cool, sometimes listening to the game on radio is perfection. A summer BBQ, at the beach, in the car. All I’ve ever known while listening to Yankee games is Sterling. That’s the case for a lot of Yankee fans – Sterling has been the Bombers’ radio guy since 1989. Remarkably, he didn’t miss a single game from the day he started until 2019, a 30-year streak.

From the streak to his stories, and his sense of humor, how could you not love John Sterling? And do NOT tell me it’s because he thinks at least one routine fly ball is gone off the bat every game, that’s just part of his charm.

The Reunion with Michael Kay

Michael Kay, the Yankees’ main TV broadcaster on YES, was previously Sterling’s radio partner from 1992-2001. The last game they called together was Game 7 of the World Series 20 years ago. They reunited to call a game on Monday, and they’ll do the same next Monday. With these two getting together, I knew we were in for a good time.

Can’t wait to tune in again next Monday.

Sense of humor

It’s not often that I find announcers funny, but Sterling has me legitimately cracking up probably about once a game.

Signature Home Run Calls

Bern Baby Bern. An A-Bomb from A-Rod. The Grandy Man can. The list goes on.

I could write a whole other blog ranking some of the best Sterling HR calls. Maybe I’ll get around to that some day. But for now, I’ll just include two of my favorites from growing up.

Melky Cabrera – “The Melk Man Delivers”

Hideki Matsui – “A Thrilla by Godzilla”

John Sterling is a national treasure, and we’re lucky to have him.