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MLB reschedules Yankees, White Sox Field of Dreams game

If you think you’ve heard this before, it’s probably because you have. The Yankees were scheduled to play the White Sox in Dyersville, Iowa for the “Field of Dreams” game in August. That was before coronavirus came about and completely changed everything, baseball included. Originally, the Cardinals replaced the Yankees in the contest to accommodate MLB’s schedule changes. Ultimately, the MLB scrapped the game entirely. Today brought good news, however, as the Yankees and White Sox are now set to face off in the Field of Dreams game on Thursday, August 12, 2021.

I’m not a huge Field of Dreams fan (it’s good but there’s tons of better baseball movies), but I’ve thought the concept for the game was awesome since it was originally announced. The London Series showed that these neutral-site games can actually be really entertaining. Not sure if I enjoyed that series more because of the setting or the fact that the Yankees embarrassed the Red Sox, but you get my point. Here’s what the field will look like for the game:

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that fans will be in the stands next season. But for now, this is a pretty nice little piece of news. I’ll leave you with this Gleyber Torres movie poster.