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Relax, Yankee fans, we don’t need Francisco Lindor

In a shocking turn of events, there were lots of Yankee fans overreacting on Twitter Monday night. The cause? Gleyber Torres’ defense. Yes, Gleyber has looked shaky thus far in his first full season at shortstop. But is the rational response to trade for the best shortstop in baseball? Here’s why everyone should pump the brakes on that pipe dream.

Lindor won’t come cheap

No, Yankee fans, the Indians will not accept Frazier & Andujar for Francisco Lindor. Not only is Lindor the best shortstop in baseball, he’s probably a top 10 position player in the game. Although the Indians’ owner has basically already said they won’t be re-signing Lindor, that doesn’t mean they’re just going to give him away either. The Red Sox got a solid return for only one year of Mookie Betts. It would take a combination of major league ready talent and top prospects to acquire a player of Lindor’s caliber. If Brian Cashman were to put together such a package, it would probably be for a starting pitcher. As great as Lindor is, I can’t see Cashman trading valuable assets for him. Especially not with the shortstops that will be available in free agency next offseason.

Be patient with Gleyber

It’s no secret that Gleyber hasn’t looked good defensively so far in 2020. However, there’s no reason to jump to conclusions. He’s 23e years old in his first season as the full-time shortstop. On top of that, this weird season took away most of the Spring Training he would’ve had to prepare.

Gleyber was not this bad when he filled in for Didi at shortstop last season. I’m not saying Torres will ever be Ozzie Smith, but let’s give him more than 20 games before we decide if he can be our shortstop of the future.

Luke Voit is good

What does the Yankees’ first baseman have to do with them potentially acquiring a shortstop? Every time I see a Yankee fan suggest we “need” Lindor, their next suggestion is to move Gleyber to second and DJ to first. Where does that leave Voit?

Voit has been nothing but productive as a Yankee. He posted a 1.095 OPS in 39 games after the Yankees acquired him in 2018. In 2019, Voit filled in for Aaron Judge as the #2 hitter. He responded by hitting .280 with 17 HR, 50 RBI & a .902 OPS. However, he suffered a core injury in London that hampered him for the remainder of the season. A healthy, slimmer Voit is off to a great start in 2020. When healthy, Voit has consistently produced as a Yankee. Yet, Yankee fans refuse to believe that he’s the real deal. He deserves better than to be cast aside in hypothetical trades.

Francisco Lindor is a great player, and there’s no doubt he would be electric in pinstripes. But for now, Yankee fans, just give the guys we’ve got a chance. They’ve more than earned it.