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Report: Clint Frazier to be called up today

When Giancarlo Stanton went down on Saturday night with a left hamstring strain, there was immediate speculation on who would replace him.

It seems that we have our answer.

According to Any Martino of SNY, Clint Frazier is expected to get the call today. Martino later clarified that the announcement could come tomorrow.

This is obviously the move that makes the most sense. Frazier is similar to Stanton in that he is a bat first outfielder who fits best in the DH spot. If there was ever a time to call up Frazier, it’s now.

Across 69 games in in 2019, Frazier slashed .267/.317/.489. He makes a lot of contact and could be a real help to some of the Yankees RISP woes. Many of the Yankee hitters have had trouble moving runners along and getting them home. Frazier is constantly putting the ball in play, so there’s reason to believe he could be a serious help. He doesn’t walk a ton, but the Yankees have enough guys that walk.

Frazier is terrible in the field. With Tauchman, Judge, Hicks and Gardner, Frazier shouldn’t have to see the field too much; maybe in the second leg of a double header or some sort of emergency. Other than that, expect him to see most of his time at DH.

Frazier has been a Yankee for over four years, and this could be a make or break opportunity for him to show that he can be an impact DH at the major league level. In addition to the Yankee brass, opposing GM’s will surely be watching.

All eyes on Clint.