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Report: Yankees guarantee salaries to baseball operations employees through May

The Yankees joined dozens of other MLB clubs when they announced they will guarantee salaries to baseball operations employees through May, according to Brendan Kuty of NJ.com.

Due to the coronavirus shutdown, Manfred suspended employee contracts beginning on May 1. This gave teams the ability to furlough workers or cut their pay.ย Despite this, Yankees baseball operations staff will receive both full salary and benefits through May 31st.

The Yankees are the most valuable franchise in MLB, as they’re worth $5 billion according to Forbes. They now join the crosstown Mets and several other teams in paying their employees.

Other teams, such as the Nationals, still haven’t announced payment for workers as of Tuesday night.

There is no news on when or if the regular season will start. The league hasn’t given up hope, making preliminary plans for teams to travel to spring training sites in Florida or Arizona.

The team may readdress the situation if baseball is put on hold for even longer, but for now employees can collect full pay for at least another month.