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Rumors: Yankees hot on Roderick Arias?

Brian Cashman may have just reeled in his latest monster catch.

Roderick Arias, the top international free agent of the 2021 class, was recently spotted working out wearing a Yankee cap. Fangraphs calls him “the consensus top prospect” in the 2021 class. The switch hitting shortstop is said to be a five tool stud with a current player comparison of Francisco Lindor.

In terms of recent prospects, he has been called the best prospect since Wander Franco. While nothing is official, the photo of him in the Yankee cap is obviously a big deal. Remember, Jasson Dominguez was wearing Yankee gear long before he signed on the dotted line.

If the Yankees do indeed end up signing Arias, the lethal combo of him and Dominguez could set the franchise up for a decade plus. Shortstop and center field are arguably the two most important position players on the field. Championship teams are always strong up the middle.

In the past, Cashman has preferred to spread his international money out over different players. However, the recent signing of Dominguez shows that he is not afraid of big game prospect hunting. Why not give all of your money to one player if he is a lock to be an excellent player?

If you’re a Yankee fan, this a developing story that you’ll surely want to keep an eye on.