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Second Yankees minor league player tests positive for COVID-19

COVID-19 might be spreading among the Yankees minor leaguers as a second player has tested positive this week.

The Yankees confirmed the report late Tuesday afternoon, saying the player will remain in quarantine.

Since the first player tested positive over the weekend – who has since been identified as pitching prospect Denny Larrondo – the Yankees minor league players have been in quarantine. The players have been receiving food and water from the Yankees. Other players have been instructed to go home.

Major Leaguers Heading Home?

The Yankees voting as a team to stay in Tampa during the baseball shut down would have made for a nice ‘DVD moment,’ but with reality setting in, it looks like players, coaches, and trainers will be heading home soon.

Boone told MLB Network Radio on Monday that it is “looking like it’s getting more and more challenging” to stay in camp and work out. Under the original delay of two weeks, staying in camp was feasible. Had the start of the season been pushed until the end of April or early May, the team could easily stay together to get ready for the season. Recent reports indicate a mid-summer start, so are players really going to stay in camp working out and hitting in the batting cage for three or four months?

Whenever the season can start, another “spring training” will be needed. I put it in quotes because nobody knows what that looks like. Will the teams all go back to their Florida and Arizona facilities? Working out in June Florida heat does not exactly sound fun. Will they play more exhibition games or just go right into the season? We all have so many questions and no answers.