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The Astros visit the Bronx starting tonight

The Yankees start one of their biggest series of the young season tonight as the Houston Astros visit Yankee Stadium. I don’t need to explain what the deal is there. Their sign-stealing scandal was the biggest story in baseball until Covid put the world on pause. Its impact was debated nonstop, the trash can jokes were all made and have gotten old. But I’m still excited for this series.

This is an Astros team responsible for ending our season in 2017 & 2019. I know their fans love flexing the 2015 Wild Card game too, but that Yankee team was so boring & limped into the playoffs. Everyone remembers how magical that 2017 run was, and the 2019 team was damn good. Houston knocked off both those teams, and I want revenge. The only way to do that is beat them.

Sure, Springer may be gone & Verlander is still hurt. But the likes of Altuve, Bregman, Correa, and Gurriel will all be on the field this week. Gerrit Cole is in our dugout this time around. This is the first time these teams will matchup since 2019 ALCS Game 5. Any baseball fan with a pulse should be excited for this series.

If you’re gonna be at the stadium, get loud. It may be a limited capacity crowd, but let these guys know Yankee fans still hate them. But whatever you do, don’t be stupid. Don’t throw anything on the field. And if any Astros fans are in attendance, don’t dump any beer on them or anything like that. It’s disrespectful, and why waste a perfectly good $15 Bud Light tall boy on that? I’m expecting a rowdy environment. That said, don’t be dumb.

All we’ve known as Yankee fans is the Astros inflicting pain on us. Let’s flip that script. Win this series and continue our quest for 28.