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We have a very important announcement

Let’s cut the negativity for a moment. Yes, there are already injuries. Yes, we’re already discussing “loose bodies” and “soreness” and “cranky” shoulders. Yes, Aaron Boone is giving us little to nothing in his press conferences, leaving us more confused than if he didn’t speak at all.

And yes, the Houston Astros are the worst.

HOWEVER, one thing remains despite what I can only assume is some type of injury hex created by Jacoby Ellsbury on this team:

New York Yankees baseball begins tomorrow

The Yankees are scheduled to play 195 games over the next 219 days. Including spring training and the regular season, starting tomorrow we have baseball again. 195 games of it

If this amount of baseball coming your way doesn’t excite you, are you even a fan?

The off-season, probably one of the most dramatic off-seasons in baseball history, was crazy, chaotic and fun for Yankees fans. We won the off-season. If there was a trophy for winning the off-season, the Yankees would be hoisting it proudly.

But there is no question they are ready to play some baseball. So much talk, so much drama, so many storylines, and now so many vendettas to pursue. These boys just want to play baseball again, and we fans just want to see baseball again.

And tomorrow, that moment will finally come. Tomorrow, the 2020 Yankees season will commence. Gerrit Cole will be on our side, the Houston Astros will be hated all season long, and the Boston Red Sox will be a disaster.

What a beautiful trifecta that will be.

Also, I wonder what their new hashtag will be this year. Maybe, #wediditright or #wedontcheat or #wetookitback or #takebackwhattheystole or #screwtheastros … okay, probably not allowed with that one.

You get the idea. The Yankees are coming for blood.

They’re also coming to Iowa… let’s not forget the magic that will be the “Field of Dreams.”

Who’s goin’?