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What does the Coronavirus shutdown mean for Aaron Hicks?

Heading into the season, Yankee fans were starting to feel like the #nextmanup mentalitly would need to carry into this season. The team has players who would be out from pervious surgery and players who had new injuries. With Opening Day scheduled for March 26, fans understood that they would be starting their season without quite a few big names.

Things have certainly changed since the pre-season. Baseball activity was put on hault due to Coronavirus, and there is no end to the disappointment in sight. Reports have suggested games will resume sometime in June or July leaving us with three extra months of no baseball. Although this seems like the worst possible thing that could happen, it’s not. Many players can now focus on rehab and recovery and return at full strength when it’s time. Yankee fans who thought they would start the season short-handed might actually have a full lineup to trot out when the season does start.

The shut down isn’t half bad for Hicks

Hicks, who had Tommy John in October, wasnt expected to be ready to play ball until late in the summer. ย Recovery time estimations of 8 to 10 months were given to the outfeilder. This meant he would likely miss the first 60 games of the seaon. It would have been impossible to see Hicks in the outfield in March but in July that is certainly possible.

The possibility of seeing Hicks when baseball returned got even better when Boone announced he started a throwing program on March 25. Hicks is already throwing at his Arizona home with the guidence of his physical therapist. Hicks’ recovery seems to be moving in the right direction, leading him straight back into center field. The shutdown could potientially give the Yankees a full strength outfield on opening day if Hicks has no setbacks and rehabs quickly.

Hoch also mentions that Paxton, who had back surgery before spring training, is continuing his throwing program, so he could be another player that’s ready when the season finally begins.

With everything happening, or not happening, Hicks will have plently of time to work on his throwing arm before baseball returns. Hicks could now very well have a significant impact on the 2020 season. Even if he doesn’t find himself in the opening day lineup, chances are he won’t be very far behind.