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Yankees activate Luis Severino

At long last, Luis Severino is finally back. I’m not gonna bury the lede here. The Yankees currently sit 1.5 GB of a playoff spot, with 12 games remaining. Nine of which are against the Red Sox, Blue Jays, and Rays. It’s absolutely an uphill battle from here. Part of me is apprehensive about having Sevy return in this situation.

You can’t expect much from a guy who has made five total starts including the playoffs since the start of 2019. Especially when he’s had multiple setbacks in his Tommy John rehab. Severino is currently only built up to throw 1-3 innings, so he’ll be in a bullpen role, where we saw him have success in 2016. He went 3-0 with a 0.39 ERA and 25 strikeouts in 23.1 relief innings that year. It was a small sample size five (!)  years ago now, but at least Sevy does have some bullpen experience.

It’s an uphill battle for this team. Sevy won’t make this lineup hit. You can’t expect much from a guy who has hardly pitched in years. Severino has had a strange career path. Rookie success in 2015. Struggles and a demotion, followed by bullpen success in 2015. Back-to-back All-Star seasons in 2017 & 18, with a mixed bag of playoff starts. And now essentially three seasons lost to injuries.

But man, when Sevy is on, he is special. Regardless of how low expectations are for both him and the rest of this Yankees’ season, I’m stoked to watch this guy pitch again.