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Yankees Opening Day Advent: Day 1

If you don’t know what an Advent Calendar is, and I’m no expert, it’s a special Christian calendar leading up to Christmas. So leading up to Opening Day, I have put together a 25-part seriesย of things to get excited about because baseball is almost officially back.

Going To The Bronx

There are only two good reasons to go to The Bronx. One, is sitting in traffic for two hours to eat a basket of shrimp on City Island, and the other is going to Yankee Stadium. Both are only fun in warm weather months, but this post isn’t about shrimp.

Going to Yankee Stadium is simply the best. Not only do you get to see the Yankees play, and win, but you also run into people you only see at Yankee Stadium. Maybe its people you only see at the bar, maybe it’s a bartender at one of those bars, or maybe it’s the guy who checks tickets in your section. Whichever it is, you’re only seeing them because baseball is back and the Yankees are chasing 28.

The best part is that it all starts from coming out of that 4 train tunnel.* The new stadium has great sight-lines from anywhere in the ballpark, but that doesn’t hold a candle to the experience of coming out of the tunnel at the old stadium. Since we don’t have that feeling while we’re in the stadium, we can at least enjoy a beautiful video of it:

25 days until the Yankees play and another week until they play at home, but it’s so close that you can almost taste the beer.

*Even if the B/D is more convenient, you should take the 4 at least once a year for this feeling.

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