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Yankees outfielder Clint Frazier shows off new sneaker collection room

BRONX, N.Y. — Recently on Blake Yarbrough’s sneakers vlog, New York Yankees outfielder Clint Frazier provided a tour of his new sneaker room in Atlanta. It’s the second time on the vlog for Frazier, who sports quite the collection of kicks.

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“It’s a little project I’ve been working on this offseason,” Frazier commented on the room.

“It definitely transitioned from a room that was a ping pong room to a room that’s now a shrine of a lot of shoes that mean a lot to me in different ways, so it’s pretty cool,” Frazier explained.

The room houses about 300 shoes, some worn once or twice or not at all, according to the Georgia native.

“It’s a little bit different feeling being in it than people who don’t watch or care about shoes as much as we do,” Frazier remarked on the room.

“I bring my dad down here and he’s just like, you’re wasting your money. But to other people, it’s like this is a room with a lot of different eras of our lives or eras that I wasn’t alive for. So it’s kind of cool to relive those moments,” Frazier continued on how special and meaningful the numerous shoes are to him.

Looking at one nearly seven-foot wall of sneakers, there certainly wasn’t a shortage of variety for the Yankee outfielder to wear day to day or really at any time of the day or night.

“This wall is like I told my girlfriend Kaylee the other night, I was like, I like coming down here and looking at this wall and being like, what am I going to wear today?” Frazier said.

Frazier also noted some of his favorites from Jordan 1’s, to dunk highs (he seems to prefer the dunk highs) and dunk lows. Plus, the Nike SB Dunk High, English sole, Dunk Low Vintage Curry’s, a pair of Jason Voorhees he acquired for one of his jerseys, and the Travis Scott color wave that he paid $1,600 for.

The Yankee outfielder also detailed a story about his Dunk high football gray that he’s worn one time.

“It’s embarrassing, any of my friends that know me know that I have a friend that I’ve played a grown man’s game of tag with since we were like eight and I was in a parking garage chasing him around for two hours in these,” Frazier explained.

He also talked about his pair of Danny Supa Nike SB Dunk High sneakers.

“I like to swap laces. So this is like the original laces it came with and I think it’s cool but personally I think that if you throw a white in there it’s like a Syracuse-Kentucky hybrid and it’s super clean. I’ve only worn this pair one time,” Frazier noted.

“I literally got ’em after a game I worked out in them in the weight room and caught a bunch of s— because people thought I was wearing Mets colors,” Frazier added.

Frazier also detailed how he started up wearing the customized sneaker cleats during Yankee games.

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“I think the first cleat that I got customized was the Shadow 1’s and then it went to the Nigel Sylvester’s. Those caught a lot of traction. Nigel shouted me out,” Frazier said.

“I thought to myself, you know what, I’m getting a lot of attention but I’m going to just blow up the attention button if I get a Travis Scott shoe. And I met Travis at a concert, kind of hinted at him that I was going to get one and put some cleats on it. I got hit up and was told like hey there’s a shoe that they got for you and I had to put it on. I wore the cleat before I had the shoe, which was hard, it was hard but like that shoe was fire,” Frazier explained.

“It was so cool to like walk out on a Sunday Night Baseball game against the Red Sox. You got Mookie Betts in right field that has a Jordan contract but like hey mine are better than yours tonight, so I felt good about that one,” Frazier added on one-upping the competition.

Frazier also spoke to his excitement about a recent shoe contract with Nike and how his brand loyalty has been rewarded from head to toe in Yankee pinstripes.

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“I signed a contract with Nike the other day. I’m super stoked about that,” Frazier exclaimed.

“They’re going to be hooking me some shoes along the way but that was the goal for me to get signed by Nike because they’ve cornered the market man, their shoes are the best in the game,” Frazier added.

Frazier, who was nominated for a gold glove in 2020, said he’s also working on customizing sneaker designs into some of his gloves and is taking suggestions if you shout him out on Instagram.