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Yankees release 45 minor leaguers

The Yankees, who have about 375 players in their system, released 45 minor leaguers on Monday, according to sources.

Despite their $5 billion net worth, the Yankees join a growing list of teams, including the Marlins, Mets, Nationals and Rays, in releasing minor league players amidst the coronavirus shutdown.

As negotiations are still ongoing between MLB and MLBPA, there’s little hope for a 2020 minor league season. With this possibility looming, teams are looking to make even more significant payroll reductions in their minor league systems.

The cuts come from all levels within the system. Some of these cuts may have happened at the end of spring training regardless of the shutdown. However, these are rare circumstances, leaving many minor leagues with their dreams crushed as there is nowhere else for them to go. 

The Yankees expect to keep paying their remaining minor leaguers the $400 a week stipend throughout at least the remainder of June.

The Yankees also announced that they would continue to pay non-uniform employees, such as scouts, their full salary through June 15th.

There is no news as to what will happen to non-uniform employees or minor league players at the end of June.