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68 reasons the Yankees miss Dellin Betances: Part 1

The New York Yankees will face the New York Mets this weekend and next week. In honor of old friend Dellin Betances, here are 68 reasons the Yankees miss Betances. Here is part one and part two will come next week.

The Yankees lost a key piece of their bullpen when Betances signed with the Mets way back over the holidays what seems like 45 years ago. It was upsetting to watch Dellin leave to the crosstown team for nothing more than a one-year prove-it deal, but it happened. I’ve made no secret that over the past five years or so Dellin has been my favorite Yankee. He’s an uber-talented local kid who is a homegrown talent and by all accounts a great person. In honor of the number he wore with the Yankees, here are 68 reasons the Yankees will miss Betances.

  1. 14.46: Dellin’s K/9 with the Yankees
  2. The number of relievers with a higher WAR from 2014-2019 than Dellin (Chapman & Kenley Jansen)
  3. 2.25: Dellin’s FIP with the Yankees, only Chapman has a better rank.
  4. The number of relievers with a lower ERA from 2014-2019 than Betances
  5. The number of relievers with a better K-BB% than Dellin
  6. 40.4%: His K%, bested only by Josh Hader and Aroldis Chapman
  7. He had the best xFIP of any reliever during this time
  8. His SIERA was 2.17 which ranks fourth among relievers
  9. His ERA- was also…fourth best among relievers
  10. He had the tenth most WPA among relievers
  11. He generated the third most soft contact of all relievers at 27.3%
  12. His curveball/slider was the second most valuable behind only Andrew Miller
  13. He had the thirteenth fastest fastball during this time.
  14. He pitched more innings from 2014-2018 than any other reliever.
  15. He’s the first reliever to strike out 100 batters five straight seasons.
  16. Since his debut, he has the three best seasons for a Yankee reliever by WAR
  17. His 2014 season: 90 IP, 1.40 ERA, 135 K, 39.6 K%, 4.5 H/9
  18. He has the top three Yankee reliever seasons by xFIP.
  19. He has 609 K during this time. The next highest Yankee has 291.
  20. He has three of the top four and four of the top seven seasons by SIERA for all Yankee relievers.
  21. His knucklecurve is the best Yankee reliever off-speed pitch by pitch value.
  22. Speaking of…
  23. May 15, 2014, when he pitched 2.1 innings against the Mets and struck out seven batters.
  24. June 1, 2014, when he pitched 2 innings and struck out five Minnesota Twins batters.
  25. May 2, 2015, against Boston when he faced four batters and struck them all out, each on three pitches.
  26. His immaculate inning against the Detroit Tigers in 2017:
  27. In 2016, he struck out all the batters he faced in a game four times.
  28. He pitched at least two innings 14 times in 2014.
  29. This 2018 highlight reel:

30. His acting skills:

31. This incredible reaction to Aaron Judge’s 2017 HR derby domination:

32. His 2018 Statcast profile:

33. His 2017 pitch velocity distribution:

34. Pitchers he profiles similarly to:

Part two will come next week. You can contact Rohan on Twitter @rohanarcot20