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68 reasons the Yankees miss Dellin Betances: Part Two

Last week we published Part One of “68 Reasons the Yankees miss Dellin Betances.” Since then, he gifted them a walk-off win with a wild pitch and then promptly went on the DL. I am here for Dellin being a double agent who threw the wild pitch that turned the Yankees season around. Here’s Part Two.

  1. His 2017 Statcast profile:
  2. He grew up in Washington Heights and is as close to a local kid as you can get.
  3. He was a first round talent but slipped to the 8th round due to signability concerns.
  4. He signed with the Yankees regardless.
  5. His 2016 Statcast profile:
  6. His agent’s incredible clapback to Randy Levine

“The only person overreaching in this entire situation is Randy. He might as well be an astronaut because nobody on earth would agree with what he is saying. Even the others in the room would disagree with him.”

The whole thing is worth a read It is

  1. After that nonsense in arbitration, Dellin still went out and shoved, striking out over 38% of batters that season
  2. Has a higher WAR than any Yankee reliever except David Robertson and #42 himself since 2010.
  3. After tearing his Achilles, he showed up for his teammates in the playoffs in crutches
  4. This photo:
  5. His ERA+ in 2014 was 274
  6. His ERA+ in 2015 was 271
  7. His ERA+ in 2016 was 140
  8. His ERA+ in 2017 was 158
  9. His ERA+ in 2018 was 156
  10. His 2015 Statcast profile:
  11. He struck out at least 100 batters every year from 2014-2018.
  12. His highest full season ERA is 3.08.
  13. Did I mention he united all of Yankees Twitter in their hatred for Randy Levine yet again?
  14. Yet somehow had the class not to show up to a press conference in a spacesuit after Levine couldn’t even call him by the right name.
  15. Never allowed more than 6.7 H/9 in a Yankee uniform.
  16. Finished 14th in the AL Cy Young Race in 2015…totally forgot about him ever getting Cy votes.
  17. The number for Chad Green, who is the closest the Yankees have gotten to a multi-inning weapon since Dellin.
  18. He was worth at least 1.2 WAR in every full season with the Yankees.
  19. He struckout at least 38% of batters every season.
  20. His HardHit% is 27.8% which is crazy low for someone who throws so hard.
  21. His fastball has been worth 16.5 runs above average throughout his career.
  22. His curveball has been worth 69.8 runs above average throughout his career.
  23. His contact% allowed in 2016 – exactly 63%
  24. His HR/9 allowed in 2015…0.64
  25. His first strike % in 2013…65.4%
  26. His first strike % in 2014…66.6% just like the devil
  27. He was best friends with CC:
  28. His height: 6’ 8” and #1 in our hearts.

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