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Interview with Legendary Yankee Stadium Employee, Cousin Brewski – The Bronx Pinstripes Show #13

Cousin Brewski Interview

We have an absolute treat for you today on The Bronx Pinstripes Show.  Yankee fans and baseball fans alike will really appreciate today’s show with Yankee Stadium employee, Cousin Brewski, as he talks about baseball in Yankee Stadium over the past 40 years.  Entering his 43rd year as a Yankee Stadium Beer vendor, Cousin Brewski is as energetic and enthusiastic as ever.

I first met Cousin Brewski when I was a kid going to the Stadium with my Grandfather and Cousin on select Sunday’s when a ticket opened up.  Cousin Brewski and his contagiously positive and energetic personality always stuck with me as a favorite Stadium memory.

In today’s conversation, Cousin Brewski shares some of his best memories at the Stadium and gives us a great break down of the old and new stadium – he has actually work through 3 different Yankee Stadiums starting in the early 70s.

If you’re one of the lucky fans to have obtain one of his buttons, you know that the Cousin Brewski button is a prized possession for Stadium goersScott - Brewski and has since been retired by the Cousin. Brewski’s famous line to his Yankee Stadium patrons, ‘Thanks for catching a buzz with the Cuz’ has been a fan favorite.  As Yankee Stadium vendor #17, The Cuz says that death is the only way you lose this job.

A big thanks to Cousin Brewski for talking with us and sharing some of his priceless memories from 40+ years working at the great Yankee Stadium.