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Ranking the top five most savage Yankees

In honor of Aaron Boone’s epic rant yesterday, I decided to rank the top five most savage Yankees.

5. Aroldis Chapman

What’s more savage? Throwing 105 MPH or getting the number 105 tatted on your neck? Either way, Chapman has proven to be a total savage ever since he defected from Cuba like a badass 10 years ago. He throws incredibly hard and is intimidating as hell. Tatted from head to toe, Aroldis wears a long sleeve turtleneck during every appearance, even if it’s 100 degrees. Why? Because he loves to sweat. That’s savage. Every time he ends a game with a strikeout, Chapman stares the batter down with death in his eyes. Yesterday on R2C2, Didi and Hicks were adamant that “ Nobody messes with Chappy.” I would have to agree.

4. Gary Sanchez

The Sanchino doesn’t seem like a savage on the surface, but if you peel back the curtain you can see it. Signed as a 16 year old prodigy way back in 2009, he was a millionaire before any of us even had our learner’s permit. Gary has the look of the popular kid in high school who’s too cool to care about anything. He’s not going to bust out every ground ball. He’s not going to speak English to the media even though he’s fairly fluent. He doesn’t care if you call him lazy or nit-pick parts of his game. His bat flips are part relief and part disgust. He’s relieved to have homered, and he’s disgusted with the pitcher for thinking he could sneak a fastball by him. Gary has his last name tatted on his forearm. Did I mention the classic smirk he gives every time he guns someone out?

3. DJ LeMahieu

You’re probably scratching your head at this one. DJ is just a quiet, reserved gentleman who goes about his business, right? WRONG. Aaron Boone recently said that “DJ is out there to rip your heart out.” This couldn’t be more accurate. DJ simply has no feelings. He’s a robot. He’s a machine. He is out there to kill, and he doesn’t care who’s in his way. The reason he’s leading the league in hitting with runners in scoring position is that he’s heartless and has no sympathy for the opposition. You never see him smile, or yell, or show any emotion at all really. That’s savage,

2. CC Sabathia

I couldn’t leave the big man off the list. CC is a total savage from head to toe. He’s about to turn 39 and he’s still out there with essentially one knee grinding out quality starts. Everyone on the team looks up to him. Why? He’s a mad man that will do anything for his team. He’s constantly yelling at umpires, opposing batters, and even the sky. When he’s on the mound, he’s totally unpredictable and can go off at any time. From the “That’s for you bitch!” incident at the trop last year to his recent scuffle with the Rays on Tuesday, CC is always one pitch away from a confrontation. CC is never going to back down and will stop at nothing to protect his teammates and humiliate the opposition. Savage.

1. Brett Gardner

There are a bunch of savages on this team, but Gardy takes the cake. The man once drove from New York to Tampa for spring training. It wasn’t until he got to North Carolina that he realized the radio wasn’t on. He literally drove in silence for 10 hours. I personally can’t think of anyone that would ever do that, and I doubt you can either. Gardy constantly looks like he’s about to explode. He grinds away every single at bat, refusing to chase pitches out of the zone. He’ll stand up there for 10 minutes fouling off pitches until he gets one he likes. Always hustling, Gardner recently dove into first base when the Yankees were up by 11 runs! Never shy with umpires, Gardy will let them know if they miss a call. Last month in Cleveland, he slammed his helmet against the wall and it bounced back and hit him in the face, busting up his lip. He got stitches later that night and refused Novocain. Dude didn’t even take a Motrin. Savage.