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Did the Yankees just end the Red Sox franchise?

Did the Yankees just sweep a 2-game series in April between two under .500 teams, or did they just end an entire franchise? Many people would say it is the former, but according to this quote by David Price, it may be the latter.

“If we don’t start playing better, J.D. Martinez, Mookie Betts, maybe myself, we could get traded. We’re, what, 30th in minor league systems?” Price told Alex Speier of the Boston Globe. “We’re dead last. We don’t play better, Mookie Betts will be traded, J.D. Martinez will be traded. It will be tough for a while here.”

A once proud franchise, that last year came into the Bronx and had the balls to play “New York, New York,” is now falling apart at the seams. Could you imagine JA Happ openly talking about trading Aaron Judge? It’s institutional chaos at the highest level.

It’s been a lot of doom and gloom so far this year, but the last couple days have been a real shot in the arm for Yankee fans around the world. As we inch closer to getting above .500 and getting back our All-Star lineup from the injured reserve, it appears that our biggest enemy is eating itself from the inside out, thanks to an April sweep by your 2019 WORLD SERIES CHAMPION NEW YORK YANKEES!

I’ll see you all at the parade.