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Here’s some Yankees highlights to get you jacked up to end the Red Sox season

It’s been said before that you can’t win the AL East in June, but you certainly can lose it. That’s exactly the situation that we have this weekend with the Red Sox coming into town 7.5 games out of first place. The Yankees can’t win the division just yet, but the Red Sox season could essentially come to an end if the Yankees sweep the leg in this three game series.

With a big weekend ahead, it’s important we all get jacked up in our cubes, so here are some highlights to do just that.


Two years ago I was in a suite the day before Old Timers’ Day (No big deal, but kind of a big deal) and about the 3rd inning a tan old guy in a visor who looked like he belonged at a 60-and-over swingers party walked in. He threw his arms out and asked, “Who wants a picture with Bucky Dent?” I couldn’t believe the bravado that Dent was showing to just walk in like everyone in the suite was dying to get a picture with him. I mean get over yourself Buck.

Heres a picture of me with Bucky Dent…

There are certain events where you just know exactly where you were when it happened. For this one, I was in a Hooters in Bradenton, Fla. Just a few hundred yards from the tattoo shop (now vape shop) where Josh Hamilton first tried heroin.

This wasn’t a high point in my life* but Derek Jeter showed me and all of us that you can’t let anything stand in your way. Not box seats, not the Red Sox, NOTHING.

Varitek is a pussy that should’ve taken his mask off. Never forget that.

Pedro Martinez shouldn’t have been arrested, he should’ve been executed right there on the field. I get that Zimmer was coming at him, but you’re a world class athlete (and POS) so just step out of the way. Also, Manny should’ve been tossed for touching the ump.

A lot of people say that if that was a ground ball to short, we have a different manager today. Maybe that’s true, but with a different manager, and all these injuries, I don’t think we’re in first place. This is the energy we need to fill the stadium with all weekend.

*That heroin thing got kind of dark. I never did heroin or ever got close to it. I just happened to be eating wings down the block and the whole heroin thing made the story more dramatic. It’s like when Notre Dame burned down and everyone posted pictures from when they studied abroad.

I’ll see you all at The Dugout tonight and the parade in November.