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Perspective from Saturday Night at the Stadium

This weekend was an absolute disaster – I get that. It was an incredible opportunity to rise to a challenge, bust out of a slump, and regain the top spot in the AL East – but it was squandered by bad pitching, silent bats, and horrible defense. I sat in right field, 10 rows off the wall in Yankee Stadium on Saturday night to watch one of the worst baseball games I have ever seen, and probably at the top of the list at Yankee Stadium. The buzz of the fans had nothing to do with what was going on on the field, but everyone with their head in their smart phones reading about Posada, and throwing out conspiracy theories on why he isn’t playing. Was he benched? Is he retiring? Is he hurt? Did he pull himself? In the meantime, while Yankee fans are discussing there once great catcher, and leader of the pack – the Yanks are getting their butts kicked, and lasers from AGonz are flying by my head.

The worst part about Saturday night had nothing to do with the performance on the field – but the presence of the Yankee fans in the stands. No Guts. No Rants. No Chants. NO LIFE! It felt as if we were outnumbered 2 to 1 by the Red Sox fans, and it was a depressing feeling. Did this new Stadium drag the life out of the crowd? Is Stub Hub selling more tickets to out of towers, and New Yorkers? The Booing wasn’t even loud! and you can ALWAYS count on the booing taking over the crowd on a day like that. I even heard (from the seats next to the bleachers) a Red Sox Chant that out powered a Yankees chant – it was pathetic.

Our team is struggling – they are playing absolutely horrible baseball – but the fans need to also step up their game – we need to be loud in support, and loud in our dislike (as the NYY fans always have been). It is the NYY crowd that makes the stadium experience the best of any team in the world – and the team thrives off of the crowd, and feeds off of the energy. When the boys are down – the fans can get in the ear of every player on that field!

I hope we step our game too, because if you truly are a baseball fan, you know that you take the good w the bad, and that it is a looong season. I have faith that these boys in pinstripes will be just fine, and when the dust settles will be right in the hunt in September.