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The only Derek Jeter stat you need to know

Thanksgiving is Thursday which means you’ll probably be seeing family you only see once a year. With the holidays comes annoying cousins or brain dead uncles who think they know it all. They might even suggest that Derek Jeter was overrated because they read online that his defense was sub par. I’m here to provide you with the one and only stat you need to know to shut your family up.

  • Derek Jeter career slash line in the regular season: .310/.377/.440, .817 OPS
  • Derek Jeter career slash line in the postseason: .308/.374/.465, .838 OPS

We talk so much about if clutch is real, and while I lean on the side that clutch is not a real thing, I do know that some players just can’t hack it in big moments, and Derek Jeter was not one of them. Against the best competition in the world, on the biggest stage, when the games mattered the most, he was THE EXACT SAME PLAYER that he was in the regular season (if not better). That is all you can ask for out of a team leader and superstar – do what you always do when the team needs it most.