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trade deadline

The Trade Deadline keeps on churning

While my GM gently sleeps

The trade deadline is nearly 24 hours away and nothing has happened in the Yankees universe except missed opportunities. And, I’m pissed. This team has the ability to win the franchise’s 28th World Championship, but not if GM Brian Cashman becomes “Stand Pat” Gillick.

— Oh, there goes Marcus Stroman at the trade deadline — but according to media sources, “we” didn’t really want him.

The Yankees MUST make a move for a starting pitcher. Not for the sake of making a deal, but a deal that will actually benefit the team. The Yankees roster, in its present form, is not World Series-winning material. Mostly because of J.A. Happ and, as much as I love him, CC Sabathia.

— Sox add a starter at the trade deadline —

Happ can barely make it through five innings these days and manager Aaron Boone isn’t afraid to give him a quick hook before that. CC’s knee is a mess, and despite his fiery attitude and leadership, the big man can’t be relied on to take his spot in the rotation every fifth or sixth day.


If the Baseball Gods smile upon the Yankees, Luis Severino will make it back this season. But, the Yankees are targeting September, and how effective could he possibly be? I see Sevy returning as an opener, a 2-3 inning starter (based on a low-pitch count limit), or another arm in the pen when a big strikeout is needed.

The latter depends on whether or not Dellin Betances returns and is effective.


— A’s add a starter at the trade deadline —

Masahiro Tanaka has the stuff of an ace, but at times he also looks like a newbie fresh out of Double-A.  One day, he throws like Justin Verlander, and on another he tosses like Justin Timberlake.

Domingo German is the most consistent, reliable starter, and that should not be the case. No knock on German, but the Yankees shouldn’t have to put that much physical and mental stress on a young arm.

— Cubs add a starter at the trade deadline —

So, here we sit. Flash back to 2010. The Yankees were the reigning World Series champions. They were on their way to a 97-win season. And who did they get at the deadline?

An over the hill-ish Kerry Wood. An over the hill-ish Lance Berkman. A mediocre Austin Kearns and a less than mediocre Chan Ho Park (during the now-defunct August waiver period).

The team lost the ALCS in six games to the Texas Rangers. Better reinforcements could have changed the outcome. So, yeah, the fanbase is worried about what moves will or will not be made.

If the Yankees current rotation was doing its part, you could go out and add a middle or back-end of the rotation starter, but they’re not. So, no Wade LeBlanc or Mike Leake types.

The Yankees need a real, live, formidable pitcher.

Who’s Left

So, Cash, Matthew Boyd is not a realistic target for the Yankees. The Tigers will be asking for the moon for a guy who can’t be a free agent until 2023. And the Tigers don’t need to trade him.

Forget the Mets. I will continue that mantra for the rest of eternity. It. Will. Not. Happen. (No Thor, No Wheeler, No Mets)

Robbie Ray is a realistic target. The Diamondbacks are sellers. But, they can keep Archie Bradley. And don’t even bring Zack Greinke and his ridiculous contract into the conversation.

Madison Bumgarner. The Giants got on a roll and are in playoff contention. But, do they think they can get far? He’s a rental, but the kind of rental you give up the goods for.

Trevor Bauer is not likely to go anywhere, at least until the off-season. But, as much as I think personally he’s a wart on the butt of civilization, I could see why you would want to get him. (Our beloved Dave Righetti threw a ball over the fence too and his manager was thorny Lou Piniella!)

Trade Deadline – Do Something


I usually have faith in you, Cash. Even when you gave ridiculous deals to Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann, Chase Headley, etc. But it’s time to put down your data analytics sheet and actually get something done.


Anything less is unacceptable.