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Bronx Tales: The Fan Stories


If there’s one thing we here at Bronx Pinstripes love it’s a good Yankees story, and we want to hear yours. Without you, our readers, we would just be a bunch of rambling lunatics and we want to get you more involved. Enter our new weekly column, Bronx Tales: The Fan Stories. We want to hear your favorite, best, earliest, funniest memory or story involving the Bombers. Whether it happened at the old stadium, the new stadium or even outside of them, we want to share it with the Bronx Faithful.

Here’s how it works:

  • Send your story to [email protected]. You can type it in body of the email or attach a word document, whichever you prefer.
  • Include your name and any social media you want to share (Twitter handle, Facebook, Instagram etc.)
  • Have a catchy title for your story? Awesome! Include it.
  • Want to include a photo? That’s cool too. Have a great action shot from a game? Even cooler. No photos? No problem, we’re just excited for the story.

That’s it, we do the rest. We will tell your tale in your own words. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar either, we will fix any mistakes. Each Wednesday a new story will go up on the site, Twitter and Facebook. If you included your Twitter handle we will @ you so other Yankee fans can reach out and discuss your story. The idea is to grow the community and bring Yankee fans from around the world together. So get typing!