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Bronx Tales – 1996 World Series game 6

Bronx Tales


What better way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the ’96 championship team than with a first-hand account of game six? Rob Miller (@Robophone) brings us his amazing tale from that night.


I was living in Rochester at the time and my friend Drew and I had gone to about 15-20 games that season.  When the playoffs came around we always stayed positive, even when it looked like Seattle was going to close us out. Hello Jim Leyritz!  When tickets became available we were both calling all morning, and in the afternoon I talked to Drew and he asked if I had any luck, I hadn’t.  He then said, “me neither, but I did get two tickets to Game 6.” YEAH!!!

That night was chilly but so exciting in the bleachers where the bleacher creatures called home in the old Yankee Stadium.  It was amazing seeing us get ahead on Greg Maddux and then seeing Rivera set up Wetteland.  After the final out the stadium and the city erupted!  The dudes in the seats in front of us came prepared. They brought a duffel bag and proceeded to pull up their actual seats, thereby forcing the team to ditch the individual seating and go to long bleachers from the next season forward.  Everyone was hugging each other, cheering, crying, people were hugging cops and the police horses even. It was an amazing night, especially since the Yanks hadn’t won much in the years prior.


Rob Miller


Oh how I miss the old stadium. And the World Series. And winning. Thanks for the great Bronx Tale, Rob!