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Astros fans are having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Astros fans, you alright? You big mad? You offended by the truth?

We’re not sorry for the offense, but you should be. Not at the people exposing the truth, but at the team who let you down.

Their bios? They check out. Their anger? Appropriate. Their defending of the team they love? Understandable.

Does that make them right? Nope. Not even a little bit.

As each day goes by, the Houston Astros are becoming more and more exposed, and the story is getting bigger and bigger. With each new video, post, article or source coming forward with damning info on them, the bigger the defense and denial have gotten from the fans.

Is it every single Astros fan? Of course not. But sadly, the only outspoken, usually irrational ones, are on Twitter, calling evidence, conspiracies, and people digging up said evidence, haters.

I’ve seen more denial from Astros fans than Shaggy. And my advice to you is STOP.

It was you.

Stop defending the Houston Astros. I get it. They are your team. Every fan wants to defend their team. But this is indefensible. The evidence is there. The ex-players are talking. It’s widely known and involved. The Astros have been cheating, and if you deny that and simply yell at the folks exposing it, too, then you’re a part of the problem.

It’s not a good look, it’s not normal, and it is a big deal.

“Other teams do it, too!”

Probably, but until that evidence comes out clear as day as it has for the Astros, it’s the Astros who are guilty, as an entire organization. I’m not saying every Yankee fan if this was switched would be rational. I understand the defiance, but there comes a point where defiance just looks foolish. This isn’t made up or a conspiracy. This is a team that used electronics to take advantage of other teams.

That, troubled fan, is the definition of cheating, the definition of performance enhancement.

See the bigger picture and understand this isn’t good for the game. They need to be punished and there needs to be consequences. If you love the game of baseball, this needs to be cleaned up before things get worse.

Your team cheated. It’s really that simple.

My advice to you is to sit back and accept this … and maybe stay off Twitter for a while. Because this is about to get as ugly as your team’s uniform.