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Longtime Yankees Writer Wally Matthews joins The Bronx Pinstripes Show

The Yankees have certainly been sluggish as of late, but Thursday’s episode of The Bronx Pinstripes Show was quite the opposite.

That’s because Wallace “Wally” Matthews, a longtime sports writer and former Yankees beat writer for ESPN.com, joined The Bronx Pinstripes Show for a discussion about everything Yankees baseball. In addition to ESPN.com, Wally has covered New York sports for the New York Post, New York Times, New York Sun, and Newsday.

In a conversation with Andrew Rotondi, Matthews discussed his time covering the Yankees, major differences between Boone and Girardi, who the biggest disappointment of the season has been, how the Yankees roster may change in the offseason, and more.

Notably though, Matthews broke down Aaron Boone’s first year as manager and the influence that Brian Cashman and the analytics department has on the entire organization.

Matthews had the chance to talk Yankees bench coach Josh Bard, who subbed in for Boone as manager two weeks ago when Boone served his one-game suspension.

In that game against the Tigers, if you remember, the Yankees had the bases loaded, down three with two outs in the bottom of the eighth. Bard had a big decision on his hands regarding who to send to the plate. Instead of Giancarlo Stanton (who was on the bench that day), Bard chose Greg Bird – who then missed a go-ahead grand slam by mere inches (video in tweet below).

When Matthews asked Bard about that decision, Bard simply replied “the matchup favored Greg Bird.”

Matthews then went on his own to research the situation, only to find that Stanton was 1-for-2 with a double against the respective pitcher and Bird had never faced him. Later on in their conversation, Bard told Matthews that “the process remains the same no matter who is managing.” Interesting stuff.

This was one cool story Matthews shared about the relationship between the coaches and analytics departments, but the rest of the conversation was full of great stuff as well. Matthews brings a ton of experience and insight regarding the Yankees to the table and it made for an interesting segment.

Take some time on this off day and go listen. It’s a much-needed therapy session and you won’t regret it.