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Marcus Stroman hasn’t been better than the Yankee playoff rotation

It’s true. As a whole, Marcus Stroman has done better than the Yankee rotation. Give him a hand. He’s outperformed the likes of Nestor Cortes, JA Happ, Chad Green’s one implosion, a London Series, and those weird games where James Paxton threw a cutter that looked exactly like his fastball.

This wasn’t what I planned on writing this week, but since Stroman decided to take a shot, it’s only best to return another one back at him. Since he made this a Mets / Yankees thing, here’s where Stro matches up with our playoff rotation since the trade deadline, per Fangraphs:

James Paxton, Luis Severino, Masahiro Tanaka: (127.2 IP)

2.82 ERA, 3.27 FIP, 1.03 WHIP, 18.6 K-BB%, .213 Opponent AVG, .264 OBP, .348 SLG

Marcus Stroman: (53.2 IP)

3.86 ERA, 4.45 FIP, 1.51 WHIP, 12.8 K-BB%, .278 Opponent AVG, .345 OBP, .458 SLG

Under these conditions, the Yankees Trio de Destiny have outperformed Stroman emphatically in ERA, FIP, WHIP, K-BB% Opponent AVG, OBP & SLG. So yeah, ring the bell. We have a winner. It’s the Yankees of the Bronx who have come out on top. Your prize is Rob Friedman showing love to Sevy.

“But this is a skewed selection because Sevy only pitched two games,” they’ll say. Well this all started with a skewed graphic by a dude that looks like he just learned how to use Fangraphs splits this morning.

WHY THE SALT STRO?! *insert salt emoji here*

If I had to guess why Stroman made that graphic, it’s PROBABLY because Brian Cashman said he couldn’t even crack the postseason rotation. He’d have to come out of the bullpen in long relief.

“We were interested in Stroman but we didn’t think he would be a difference-maker,” Cashman said earlier this week. “We felt he would be in our bullpen in the postseason.”

If he’s really mad at that, I think Stroman should check his ego. You know who’s pretty stoked and working his ass off to earn a spot in our postseason bullpen? A guy by the name of CC Sabathia. You may have heard of CC. He’s a guaranteed Hall of Famer, a World Series champion, Cy Young Award winner, and a dude who has amassed 250 wins and over 3000 K’s. Somehow Stroman has a problem with metaphorically being thrown in the bullpen, but CC is fighting to be in it.

That sounds so, so, soft on the part of Stroman. I expect that though.