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2014 All-Star Game: Derek Jeter perfect at the plate

(Elsa/Getty Images)
(Elsa/Getty Images)

National League 3 — American League 5

In his 14th and last All-Star Game, Derek Jeter led off for the American League and was perfect. The Yankees captain received a very warm reception during the player introductions. He took the field and nearly turned back the clock to All-Star Game ’98, his first appearance at the Midsummer Classic with a diving stop to his left and nearly throwing out Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen, though if they challenged it, McCutchen might be out.

Leading off for the American League, Derek Jeter stepped up to the plate to the sound of the late Bob Sheppard introducing him with his signature voice. Stepping into the box only,  the National League defense was unprepared to face the shortstop. National League starter Adam Wainwright had both glove and ball on the ground as he gave Jeter the hand that he deserved. The opposition gave Jeter a good hand  and Derek Jeter would extend a tip of the cap and a wave to the crowd, acknowledging those that acknowledge him before returning to competitive form and starting the bottom of the first inning.

Derek Jeter would open the game, fittingly, with a two-base hit to right field, in vintage Jeterian fashion. Mike Trout would follow with a triple to score Jeter and the American League had the lead. In the third inning, Derek Jeter started the third inning against Cincinnati Reds starter Alfredo Simon. In, still vintage Jeterian fashion, the Yankees captain would hit a single to right field for his second hit of the night.


Derek Jeter would be the only 40 year old with multiple hits in an All-Star Game.

To open the top of the fourth inning, Derek Jeter took his position but Chicago White Sox shortstop Alexei Ramirez would come in to replace the Yankees captain for the last time in his career. After a quick hug between the two, Jeter would take his exit to the sound of thanks and respect for one of the best in the game.

The American League would go on to win and have homefield advantage in the World Series.

Mike Trout, who had two hits in three at-bats, including a double and a triple, scored once and drove in two. He would be the 2014 All-Star Game Most Valuable Player. Derek Jeter had two hits in as many at-bats and scored once after hitting his double.


*Derek Jeter – 2 for 2, R, 2B