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Game 36: Youkilis Makes The Difference

Bartolo Colon pitched 6 effective innings but is tagged with the loss tonight as he started a three-game series with the rival Boston Red Sox. In the end, the two-run home run surrendered by Joba Chamberlain to Kevin Youkilis in the 7th proved to be the difference.

Russell Martin continued flexing his muscles amidst his first opportunity in the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry with a two-run home run to make up for half of the Yankees offense tonight. The Yankees rallied to bring the winning run to the plate against Jonathan Papelbon but fell short with a pop-up by Mark Teixeira to end the game.

The Yankees continue to struggle with runners in scoring position (1 for 7) and could not take advantage of some opportunities off of a starting pitcher that had a difficulty finding strike one.

Ryan Nakada