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Instant Reaction: That was fun!

Gut Reaction

Great game. Needed a nice big win after the heartbreaker.



Well, Sonny finally got his run support. 3 in the first. 7 run lead in the 4th. I would have liked to see Sonny go deeper into this game. 5.2 with zero earned runs is definitely a good outing. If Didi doesn’t make that error, he gives us 6 innings without a run. That’s great.

Our offense blowing them out doesn’t make their offense any less lethal, but it would have been nice for Sonny to go into attack mode and get deep into that game. Beggars can’t be choosers though and in a must win game, Sonny gave us what we needed to win. Thanks, man.

Good At Bats

The Gardner and Castro at-bats in the first set the stage for this game. Gardner ended up walking and Castro struck out, but they both took a lot of pitches and fouled off a total of 7 two-strike pitches. Great start by them, which set the way for Didi to start it off with a RBI double and Judge to do what he does best against the O’s.



From there we got contributions from everyone. Jacoby and Holliday with RBI’s. Chase and Starlin with home runs. Just like that, the Yankees add another starting pitcher to their growing list.