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Instant Reaction: That was a great bounce back win

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 Gut Reaction

That’s playoff baseball. Shut down bullpen and timely hits.

Bullpen, Beautiful

Cessa didn’t kill us. Two solo home runs don’t make or break games. Credit to him for keeping it close but the bullpen gets all the love. 4.2 innings of 1 hit, 0 run ball. That’s fantastic. Green set the tone right away. He’s one of the best surprises to come out of this season. Then Dellin and Robertson come in and do their jobs with relative ease. More of that!


Aaron Hicks is our rock. It’s incredible what he has done for us since coming off the DL. With all respect to Clint, we traded in a boy and got back a man. Hicks is solid. Offensively he’s going to grind out solid at bats and understand the situation at hand. Defensively he’s going to save runs. Another great surprise this year.

Other Stuff

Judge missed that ball and sent it a couple rows over the wall. Fingers crossed this is the start of the end for him. Gary had a great game. Pegged a runner. RBI early on. Homer at the end. Good at bats every time he was in the box. He was roping balls foul. It was pretty easy to see he was about to catch one. My podcast co-host and I both called the homer.

Best part of the game though?

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