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Instant Reaction: I love Severino and I love the Orioles

Gut Reaction

Severino continues to impress. Oriole’s continue to do the opposite.


Winning Baseball!

I knew we were winning this game as soon as I say Angry Chase Headley bunt to beat the shift. You don’t shift on Chase Headley folks. He’s not some 1 tool player that can only hit the ball to one part of the field. This guy was high school valedictorian. This guy switched positions mid-season with ease. This guy bats from both sides of the plate. You think he’s incapable of bunting a ball down the line? You fools!

Severino is exactly who we know him to be. A goddam stud. A killer on the mound. He’s mean. He’s dominant. I wouldn’t want to face him and neither would you.

Good to see Didi hit the ball hard and drive in runs. Good to see Holliday do the same. And it was really good to see Bird pop one into the seats. His first couple at-bats you could tell he was seeing the ball well. He worked all three to three pitch at bats. The eye and the approach were there it was just a matter of making good contact. That he did.

Good win. I’m so glad we get to play the Oriole’s again tomorrow.