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Yankees Land Andrew Miller

The Yankees have finally fired up their Hot Stove. They got Didi Gregorius earlier in the morning, but they didn’t stop there. They signed relief pitcher Andrew Miller to a 4 year $36 million deal.

Brian Cashman stated in an interview on the Michael Kay Show, “I didn’t sign Miller to be our closer, I signed him to be a weapon in our pen.” David Robertson’s future is still up in the air, now more than ever. If he doesn’t come back to New York, Miller and Dellin Betances could both be used in the ninth. But who knows, it is all speculation at this point. We just have to wait and see what Cashman does next.

Miller was lights out for Boston and Baltimore in 2014, issuing just 33 hits in 62 1/3 innings with 103 Ks to just 17 walks. He finished with a puny 2.02 ERA.