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BronxPinstripes Founder, Scott Reinen

Behind Bronx Pinstripes: Scott Reinen, Founder

This new feature piece on Bronx Pinstripes is for all of our readers who follow us and read the content our writers produce on a daily basis. We wanted to give back and give you an inside look at the BP family. Starting this week I will be posting interview articles with all staff writers to give a little insight into each member of the team.

BronxPinstripes Founder, Scott Reinen
Bronx Pinstripes Founder, Scott Reinen

To start the process, we start at the head of the snake and get to know Scott Reinen, the Founder, Creator and Owner of Bronx Pinstripes.

JM- Tell us the back story of BP. How did the idea come? How did it start? What are the future plans?

SR- Bronx Pinstripes was created as a way for me to follow the team closer when I had moved away from the Tri-State area. The site started off with just me writing about the team, covering news and creating graphics about the team.  I have a background in graphic design and marketing, so I started making graphics in the beginning as a way to stand out from the other sites. From day one, I placed a priority on growing the Twitter and Facebook pages by following other Yankees fans, and it started growing steadily.  Once we had a decent Twitter following, I started looking for more writers by asking around on Twitter – and voila! Andrew and Ryan answered the call, and we started putting out more content and growing. We now have 20+ writers, 60K Twitter followers, 23K Facebook Likes, and about 10K in subscribers to our feed and email list.

I see the Bronx Pinstripes community growing online with us providing more quality content, but also offline with events and road trips around Yankees games and events.  We made a big step this year by partnering with the YES Network, and we are extremely excited to be apart of their team. Yankees fans are the greatest fans in sports, and I see a ton of potential for building the BP community on and offline.

JM- You and Andrew started it on the podcast that was launched this season, so I have to ask, what is your ‘Walk Up’ song going up to the plate?

SR- There is no doubt that my walk up music would be a Springsteen song. 10th Avenue Freeze Out is one of my favorites, so I would probably start with that. If I went in a (completely) different direction, I would play some Lupe Fiasco.

JM- Who is your favorite Yankee of all-time? Your favorite non-Yankee? Who is the one player in the history of baseball that you would want to see play – past or present?

SR- My favorite Yankee growing up was Don Mattingly. I loved the way he played and always thought he had one of the sweetest strokes in the game. I loved the bat pump on his follow through, and the man was a magician at first.

Donnie Baseball (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)

I can’t just leave it at that though. Willie Randolph, though a little before my time, was always a guy I looked back on with admiration. And then of course, Jeter.  To me, he epitomizes every single thing a baseball player, leader, and role model should be.

I have more. I still can’t leave it at that… Although he wasn’t on the team long, Jim Abbott became one of my all-time favorites when he came over from CA.  I’ll never forget listening (not watching) to his no-hitter (WITH ONE HAND!!!) in 1993 being called by John Sterling and Michael Kay on 770AM. To me, it’s one of the most amazing feats in sports.

I’ll name two – then and now.  Tony Gwynn was a guy that I always admired, I loved watching him hit. I’d want to see Babe Ruth play baseball.  The man is almost like a folk-hero to me (because it was so long ago). He sometimes doesn’t even feel like a real person.  I not only want to see him crush a ball, but would also love to join him at the bar (post game) to smoke a cigar and knock a few back.

JM- You’re at the Stadium for a game, what’s your go-to drink/food order?

SR- All-American style. Hot dog, peanuts, and a beer.

JM- What is your most memorable moment sitting in Yankee Stadium?

New York YankeesSR- It was actually outside the Stadium. I’ll never forget in 1996 sneaking to the stadium with some friends at midnight to stand on line for 14 hours to get playoff tickets. The line wrapped around the Stadium twice, and at one-point, there were multiple fights that broke out and a small riot ensued where people started running towards the gates.  It was crazy.

This last Old Timers Day was very memorable for me too. I was able to go with my family, and one of my all-time favorites, Willie Randolph, had his number retired.

JM- If you were on the Yankees, what position would you be playing?

SR- I would want to play SS or pitch, but I don’t think I have the range anymore, and my arm would probably fall off if I tried throwing 5 pitches.  I think I could play a pretty decent second base.

JM- Well I heard the team is looking for an upgrade at 2B, so congrats, you’re now the Yankees starting second baseman! What is John Sterling’s call when you hit your first home run?

SR- It is HIGH, It is FAR, it issss . . . OFF THE WALL….. I don’t have HR power, ha.

JM- Honesty is a gift folks! When you aren’t watching the Yankees, what are you most likely doing in your leisure time?

SR- I’m doing something with my wife.  Whether it’s binge watching Netflix, playing softball or on the beach, it’s almost always with her (she’s pretty cool).  If she’s busy – I’m playing golf.

JM- Your wife lets you out for a round – who is your dream foursome, and what course (anywhere in the world) are you playing on?

SR- Got to be Augusta National with Jetes, Springsteen, Favre, and Mo – I’m sure Augusta will let us play 5 🙂

JM- Since we’re talking about dream scenarios, what is your dream vacation spot, or your favorite vacation you’ve been on?

SR- When I’m not looking for things to do in Detroit, I have to say that my favorite spot was Glacier National Park – some of the most amazing country I have ever seen.  My dream vacation is to New Zealand – if I go, I may not come back.

Glacier National Park in northern Montana, USA
Glacier National Park in northern Montana, USA

JM- Every so often we at Bronx Pinstripes debate about this (very serious) topic; what is your top 3 baseball movie list?


  1. Field of Dreams
  2. The Sandlot
  3. The Natural

JM- Who is your favorite ‘non-Yankee/non-baseball’ Twitter profile to follow?

SR- @SeinfeldToday – They tweet about the different scenarios Seinfeld characters would find themselves in today.  The account has kinda slacked off recently, but usually very good.

JM- Let’s get back to the dream of being a pro ball player. If you could break one record in baseball what would it be?

SR- Iron Man – consecutive games played. Shows that you’re out there ever single day for your team and your fans. It’s my favorite record, and I have the utmost respect for Cal Ripken, and obviously Lou Gehrig. (and [Brett] Favre is one of my favorite athletes for this too)

JM- Last question- If you could do one heroic sports feat, which of the follow would you choose: Hitting a walk-off HR in the 9th of the 7th game of the World Series, Scoring the winning TD in the Super Bowl, Hitting the winning three in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, Scoring the winning goal in overtime of Game 7 in the Stanley Cup, Winning an Olympic Gold or Winning the Masters– which do you win?

SR- Easy. Walk-off hit for the New York Yankees in Game 7. I’d settle for being in the stadium when it happens, too.

Thanks for the interview, Justin – I really love this site, everything it has become, and can’t wait to see where we can all take it! Go Yankees! #BronxFaithful


Thank you Scott for the great answers to get this feature started. Scott is usually the man behind the @BronxPinstripes Twitter account, but make sure you give him a follow @ScottReinen for more of these quality tweets:

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