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The Tanaka Infograph

Masahiro Tanaka has been living up to the hype so far, definitely as advertised. His numbers are equally as impressive as his in game demeanor. I’m a fan of infographics, and I came across my first Tanaka infograph this morning. It comes courtesy of infograph author Andy Bergman. The graphic below shows all the batters Tanaka has faced in his three wins this season.


Tanaka has broken the rookie record for most strikeouts over his first four games with 35 strikeouts. He’s also got an impressive strikeout to inning ratio of 10.74/9. Tanaka’s 1.0 WAR for pitchers is tied for 10th place, and his 2.15 ERA is good for 8th among American League pitchers. Batters are only hitting .202 against him this season. Most impressive stat I’ve heard is he’s only given up two hits with runners in scoring position.

Tonight he faces the Anaheim Angels, and all eyes will be on the Tanaka as he faces Mike Trout for the first time. According to Fangraphs, Trout struggles against splitters, so we’ll see how Tanaka attacks Trout tonight with his lethal splitter. Checkout how batters have handled Tanaka’s pitches, particularly batter success against his splitter.