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  • Rob Harrington started the topic Linginfelter interview in the forum The Yankees Farm System 8 years, 1 month ago

    I’m not sure the interviewer for the below article understands much about the MLB draft process. I’m sure it was very awkward for Zach Linginfelter to answer the questions posed to him in the interview. Zach was at one point a possible 1st round pick and his 16th round selection clearly solidified his intent to not sign and go to Tennessee.

    Riveraveblues had a write up about his selection entitled “The Unsignable Prospect”.

    The interviewer asked, “Do you expect to sign with NY quickly or will it be a longer process?”


    My intent with this is to be constructive. There are several questions I would have liked to hear Zach answer about commitment to Tennessee, and if he was selected early enough in the draft (like the 1st round) would he have considered taking the signing bonus and backing out of college. Or, if the Yankees offered him enough (should Blake Rutherford not sign) would he consider signing.

    The article: http://pinstripedprospects.com/interview-get-to-know-zach-linginfelter-the-new-york-yankees-16th-round-draft-pick-15421

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