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I NEED the Yankees to sign Trevor Bauer this off-season

As you probably know, MLB is proposing a new playoff format that is dumb as shit. It adds 4 more teams to the playoffs, to make us hockey or basketball, and adds a reality TV element to the whole thing. On top of that, the team with the best record in each league would get a week off, after playing every day and developing a routine for 6 months. While most of the world realizes how dumb this is, only one player is speaking out, and it’s Trevor Bauer.

Bauer has been going at the Astros for years about their pitchers using a foreign substance to increase spin rate, and has been taking a victory lap around the internet for being right all along about them.

That has all been fun, but now with the video at the top of this blog and the tweet below, Bauer is bringing the fight right to Manfred’s doorstep.

I love the game of baseball. I love the New York Yankees. Because I love the Yankees, it’s easy to think my issue is just with what happened in 2017, since the Yankees were on the losing end. In reality, Major League Baseball is screwing up.

They are making moves that will impact the play on the field to make the games shorter by 5 minutes. They are talking about changing the playoffs in a way that increase TV opportunities while diluting the importance of the 162 game war that is the regular season. Umpires have been getting worse and worse at their jobs, while having a shorter fuse on tossing managers and players. Lastly, MLB ignored several reports of the Astros cheating and only stepped in when the media reported it. Only to follow up with a slap on the wrist.

I said last year that I wanted the Yankees to pass the hat to collect someone’s fine money and have Aaron Judge, the next face of the league, stand there post-game and criticize what has been happening. Now I want Trevor Bauer to be that guy.

Bauer is a weird dude. People don’t like him. He’ll be expensive. He HATES Gerrit Cole from UCLA. But I still want the Yankees to pursue him because he can pitch his ass off, and he doesn’t take shit from anyone. Including the league office.

We talk a little bit about this on George’s Box this week.