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Atros Altuve Bregman

Should MLB suspend the Astros’ players?

The Major League Baseball Players Association is probably the strongest players union in all of sports. With the additional knowledge we have of the Astros’ sign stealing scandal, it is even more ridiculous that no players are being reprimanded here.

We now have three major league managers and one general manager get canned or they’ve “mutually agreed to part ways” as the Red Sox jokingly put it. There are even pictures circulating the web with electronic devices taped on players in post game interviews. Why are Altuve, Bregman, Correa, and company being shielded by the league?

“We should’ve won”

“There’s no way that you can tell me that we weren’t better than them. I don’t give a fuck what nobody says.”

This is what CC Sabathia had to say on his podcast this week. Seeing CC this pissed off makes me even more angry. He was of course referring to 2017, when the Yankees lost in seven games to the Astros.

“I felt that shit!” CC exclaimed. “And I fucking cried like a baby.” The Astros didn’t lose any games in their home stadium that series, and now we know why. They cheated, and they knew what was coming. I feel bad for the big man. You can bet he wants to see Major League Baseball bring the hammer down on the Astros’s core players.

Listen to more of CC’s rant here:


Why are the players being protected anyway? They are the ones that benefited from cheating the most. They now have a World Series title that they can always point to, and they shouldn’t. If you ask me, I think the players are more to blame far more than the GM or manager. A.J. Hinch didn’t come up with the scheme. Perhaps he benefited from it as well, but he got the axe and Altuve is still out there acting like he deservedly won the MVP in 2017, and that grinds my gears. If I can find evidence on google of an Astros player cheating via a trashcan bang (See pretty much all of Jomboy’s videos), that player should be suspended. It implicates them directly. 50 game minimum.

The players involved aren’t going to be punished according to MLB. Whatever. This will just fuel the boys in the clubhouse more than ever.

You ever seen Aaron Judge angry? No? Well you will this season. 60 home runs is absolutely on the table. What’s that Astros? You think you have a good SS? Well ours is gonna hit 40 bombs this season. This team is more motivated to win now than they ever have been. Just check their social media accounts.

Perhaps the most delicious portion of this whole thing is that we almost beat those bastards, and now we have Gerrit Cole.