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Aaron Judge chips tooth during last night’s ‘Gardy Party’

Last night, almost 50,000 Yankees fans were invited to a ‘Gardy Party’ at Yankee Stadium after outfielder Brett Gardner hit a game-winning home run in extra innings.

The party was so crazy, Aaron Judge ended up losing a tooth during the celebration at home plate.

While Judge clipped his tooth on Gardner’s helmet, it wasn’t Gardner’s fault. Gardner had taken off his helmet prior to crossing home plate, and someone had his helmet in their hands. While Austin Romine and Clint Frazier were in the vicinity of Judge losing his tooth, the replays were inconclusive, so we’ll never know exactly who ended up hitting Judge in the mouth. What we do know is Judge immediately left the celebration and retreated into the Yankees clubhouse.

After the game, Gardner was asked about Judge potentially missing time, but he was surprised the media thought the chipped tooth actually hurt the right fielder.

“It might’ve hurt Judge? He’s too big to get hurt by something like that,” Gardner said during a media scrummage at his locker. “I think he’ll be all right. … I think he had it in his hand and somebody bumped into him and it hit him in the face. He might need a couple days. We’ll see how long he misses.”

Judge wasn’t available for comment, but the Yankees confirmed will play in tonight’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Last night was fun, crazy, and wild, and if there’s anything we learned, it’s that Gardy really knows how to throw a party.