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TAMPA, FL - NOVEMBER 24: Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees poses for a photo on November 24, 1997 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Sporting News via Getty Images)

Cafardo: Cashman turned down blockbuster deal involving Derek Jeter

These are always fun to hear about.

According to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, way back when the Montreal Expos were still in existence, then owner Jeffrey Loria tried to pry Derek Jeter away from the Yankees. Loria was said to have been obsessed with Jeter, and ordered his GM Jim Beattie to get him by any means necessary.

Keep in mind that names and dates get crossed over the years. Brian Cashman didn’t become the Yankees’ General Manager until Feb. of 1998. Jeffrey Loria didn’t buy the Expos until 1999. Regardless, it all makes for a fun story.

As the story goes, Beattie proposed a trade that would’ve sent Pedro Martinez and Vladimir Guerrero to the Bronx for Jeter. Cashman, who was stunned at the offer, replied to Beattie “I can’t trade Derek Jeter.” This likely happened in 1997 when Martinez was still an Expo. Pedro was eventually traded that year to the Red Sox, and the rest is history.

Guerrero played out his tenure in Montreal and signed a free agent deal with the Angels before the 2004 season. The Yankees, who were rumored to be interested in Vlad, signed Gary Sheffield instead.

Imagine if this trade went down involving three eventual Hall of Famers? It’s pretty funny to imagine Jeter in an Expos uni. No doubt, the deal would’ve changed the course of baseball history.

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