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Confirmed: Luke Voit cares about the Yankees!!!

Leading up to Gerrit Cole getting absolutely PAID, I asked a very important question. That question was whether or not Luke Voit cared enough about the Yankees to offer up his 45, so Gerrit Cole would feel comfortable in coming to New York. Specifically I said:

A simple quote tweet of “Yes” (that will probably send my follower count to the moon) would pop up as a notification on Cole’s phone and tell him that no matter how badly he wants to be home, he’s got a brother in the Bronx. Where you have a brother, you have family, and if you have family, you’re home.

While Luke didn’t respond to my tweet, to get me a ton of followers…

He did send his own tweet early this morning, joking about the elephant in the room.

Luke isn’t flat out saying he’s giving up the number but it’s about the subtext. The subtext of this tweet is “Let’s get dinner on you and the number is yours. Then we’ll have a silly goose time, RANSACKING THE LEAGUE ON OUR WAY TO 28.”

If you need me, I’ll be busy planning the parade.