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Giancarlo Stanton is recruiting Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg to the Yankees

Giancarlo Stanton is back home in LA for the off-season and it looks like he is already working out for next season. Forget about last season, because we can’t change anything there, and just be happy he is in the position to start training for 2020.

Aside from wearing leggings and growing a beard (WTF), the artist formerly known as Mike, is openly recruiting free agents to come to the Bronx. Stanton is a West Coast guy that plays (sometimes) in New York, CC is a West Coast guy that played in New York, and the two biggest free agent pitchers in the game are West Coast guys. Aside from backing up the Brinks truck, peace of mind that living and playing in New York City is something that is enjoyable to do, is the next factor if you want to come to the Yankees. CC and Giancarlo are doing their best to give these guys that peace of mind.

If you follow the NBA at all, you know that the players there are constantly recruiting each other. In the NFL, players are taking more control of where they get traded. It’s only a matter of time before MLB players take more control about who they play with and how they handle free agency together. If having CC and Stanton openly recruiting starters is the beginning of this transition, I’ll take it.

PS: Hey Giancarlo, get out of the street. You just lost a season to injury and now you’re just standing in the street pacing and talking to TMZ? Use your brain for me, one time.