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Girardi likes what he sees from A-Rod so far

The Yankees’ contingency came out last night and spoke for the first time at the Winter Meetings and Alex Rodriguez was once again the hot topic of conversation. Manager Joe Girardi decided to run point and answer the questions regarding the Yankee slugger. Via Brendan Kuty (NJ.com), Girardi told reporters that Rodriguez has been filming his workouts and sending them to the powers that be.

A healthy looking A-Rod has been working out extensively in Miami, Girardi says the tapes show Rodriguez hitting, running and lifting. Pretty much basic baseball activities. “It’s been good,” Girardi said. “I know he’s working extremely hard.” When asked about the possibility of having A-Rod work out at first-base Girardi said it’s something he hasn’t seen him working on yet, but it’s something they will address when they get to spring training. Either way it seems Joe is pleased with what he sees so far.

Girardi happy with the return of Rodriguez, he continues to keep an open dialogue with through emails, text and the occasional phone conversation. Girardi also said he isnt worried about the impending media circus that will ensue this spring. He feels the team will handle it fine. “You know, I think our guys will handle it well,” but did acknowledge it could get hectic.

GM Brian Cashman has said he hasn’t had recent contact with Rodriguez, but has taken a look at the workout tapes. He seems content with keeping his A-Rod comments to a minimum and at best trying to avoid any conversation regarding him altogether. Doesn’t surprise me in the least, he’s certainly hasn’t been one of A-Rod’s bigger supporters over the last 18 months, and his pursuit of an everyday third baseman shows that he really has low expectations regarding his effectiveness at the hot corner and as a player altogether.

If anyone is interested in Alex Rodriguez’s past workout regiment, you can take a look at it here.