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Is Clint Frazier close to returning? An in-depth investigation

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the entire Yankees roster is currently injured. In fact, Brian Cashman has been seen posting on Facebook looking for players, like I had to for my coed playoff game tonight. However, when given the opportunity to come up from Scranton, Clint Frazier was killing the ball, before going down with an ankle injury in our 14 inning win last week.

On Sunday, we saw some reports that Clint was making progress that would lead us to believe that this will be a clean 10 day trip to the IL.

Unfortunately, I don’t trust our training staff to estimate injury returns at all, so I did what anyone should do when they are trying to find out what a 24-year-old is up to. I went to Instagram!


Since Clint is a hypebeast*, he’s always posting his new cleats that he has been getting custom made, and today is no different. So I started thinking, “Well he needs cleats to play, so maybe he’s hinting at the pair he’s going to wear.” The wheels were turning but just a pair of cleats isn’t enough to go on, but luckily I wasn’t the only person thinking it.

Robbybilodeau and myself must have our cycles aligned, because he asked the very question that I was going to text to Clint to get a definitive answer. All Clint had to do was reply to that question with an answer and I wouldn’t need to text him only to feel rejected when he didn’t answer me, because I’m not a real journalist. But he didn’t reply.

HOWEVA (Stephen A. Smith voice), that question did get 9 likes.