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Order Gerrit Cole gear today and get it for Christmas

As you know, the Yankees signed Gerrit Cole last night, to a 9 year contract for $324mil. Now that that’s out of the way, we don’t have to worry about it as we head into the holidays. What we do have to worry about is Christmas gifts…

We’re two weeks from Christmas and you probably have some Yankee fan in your life that you haven’t bought a gift for. The simple solution to that is to put a little Cole in their stocking.

If you order from the Bronx Pinstripes Shop TODAY (12/11), you will get these shirts for Christmas. That’s a quick turnaround for you to be the hero on Christmas morning to all the Yankee fans in your life.

Also, we sold out the 100 tickets we have for Spring Training on 3/14, but just added 30 more tickets. Grab a shirt or 4, get some tickets and let’s party in Tampa.