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Report: Yankees interview David Cone for pitching coach job

According to Jack Curry, the Yankees interviewed David Cone last week for the vacant pitching coach job.

Hell yes.

On Twitter, Cone is The People’s Choice. His pitching knowledge and willingness to look at the sabermetrics shines through on YES broadcasts, and his experience playing under the bright lights in the Bronx can only help the current Yankees as they’re trying to learn how to win when it matters most.

When Twitter began to buzz about Cone replacing Larry Rothschild, Curry gave an insight into what kind of coach Cone would be:

There have also been reports that the Yankees are looking into hiring college coaches for the job — younger guys who are deeply involved in analytics.

But bring me David Cone.

Not just because, in my opinion, he’d be the perfect fit, but because I’m all for the nostalgia of seeing one of my childhood heroes and one of the key members of the last Yankees dynasty back in pinstripes in the dugout to warm my cold heart.