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The Yankees’ future is 16 years old

I believe in my heart of hearts that the Yankees are going to get a frontline starter and we’ll all be together in the Canyon of Heroes next November. After that, we’ll have big contracts and need to have guys come through the farm system, so we signed an alien.

Jasson Dominguez is that alien.

We signed him earlier this year as an international player, and he is the Yankees top rated prospect, according to Baseball America. International scouting director Donny Rowland told BA, “He’s possibly the best combination of tools, athleticism and performance that I’ve run across.”

This should excite us all greatly. It’s honestly the most excited I’ve been about a 16-year-old since I graduated high school.

Hopefully we’ll see him in the big leagues in the next three years, but until then, just watch him mash from both sides of the plate and know we’re going to be good forever.

PS: Let’s get him out of the Dominican Republic. Get him to the Tampa facility and keep him safe until he’s ready.