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Can Someone Turn Up the Heat?

It’s 9:00 PM and I’m sitting at home; warm and snug with the heat on 72. What’s killing me is knowing that I’ve never had the heat on in the middle of May! Why that’s a free month; you know, the one where you open all the windows; let the fresh air come in and sleep like a baby. Unfortunately; the windows are closed; it’s freezing cold on my deck and I’m stuck inside watching the Yankees on the big screen as opposed to chillin’ and watching outside. Man, I can’t wait to have a real Summer night. And you know what; neither can every Yankee on the entire roster – except maybe some of the boys that are throwing the pill – and Curtis.

Joe Girardi said it yesterday; and I was glad that he finally admitted what I’ve known since this season started – the “Boys of Summer” are not feeling like the “Boys of Summer.” In fact; as I discussed in a past column, they are coming out of the thaw……at least we thought they were!

Since May 1st; we did have a few days where it was warm enough to run down to the beach and take a jog in the sand. But those moments were short and far between and now the team is still playing in 55 – 60 degree weather during the evenings. The chill is still in the air as if it’s March 29th and we’re getting ready for the opener. And it’s not only here in the East; the entire country has had a much harsher; colder spell of weather than normal……and it’s starting to tick me off!

Bottom line – the story is not about how in 2011 the pitchers figured out a way to drive batting averages down 20 points or more. The story is about when the climate is going to shift to a warm Spring; a week of 70 degree nights and 80 degree days. Once we get back to normal end of May weather; I believe several of the Yankee bats and some of the pitchers that are struggling will come back alive. For many of our guys; they are not used to this and need the heat to remove the sting and do their thing.

Hang in there Boys – I hear The Eagles greatest hit will be playing at the ballpark soon……as soon as the heat is turned up a few notches.
Bring on the heat Big Guy; your Yankees need your help! Don’t worry Curtis; nothing the matter with you, we’ll wake you up in November!

Mike Antoniotti
Staff Writer