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The Captain Come to Life

The reports of his demise have been greatly exagerated. First, there have been complaints for years about Derek Jeter’s range at shortstop. Many have crie dfor him to be shifted to the outfield. Eduardo Nunez is supposed to be the heir apparent, but struggled mightily in the field when he started in Detroit to give Jeter a day off. Then of course, there was his career low batting average of .270 last year and the talk that Jeter was at the end of the line, with him turning 37 in June. This of course intensified as Jeter began the season continuing to struggle. It was noted that even when he did get a hit, it was often of the infield variety. He was not driving the ball. Fast foward to Sunday in Texas. Not only did Jeter go 4-6, but hit his first two homers of the season. After an off day on Monday, the Captain went 2-4 last night against the Royals to raise his average to .283, up some 35 points since Saturday. I have been telling my Yankee buddies for about a week and a half that Jeter was having much better swings. It seems the tinkering with his swing is over and he is swinging the bat much more like his old self. It is certainly a sight to behold. Long live the Captain! i just hope he enjoys his march to 3,000 hits as much as we will.